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Last rays of the day reflect off of one of the LIGO laser tubes.  Turns out it is hard to photograph a 2 mile long concrete tube after dusk in gusting winds, but this is my best attempt.

The scientists at LIGO held a “LIGO Discovery Celebration,” a full day of talks for the public to attend.  From their website:

The Discovery Celebration will provide an opportunity for the public to hear details of LIGO’s recently-announced historic detection of gravitational waves from a pair of colliding black holes.  In addition, LIGO will celebrate the date of Albert Einstein’s birth (March 14) and the 100-year anniversary of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.  The prediction of gravitational waves first appeared in general relativity.  100 years later, the direct observation of gravitational waves by LIGO’s detectors makes this a noteworthy commemoration.

Work is currently underway to make the system even more sensitive, which includes a complete replacement of parts.  — LIGO at Hanford, WA

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